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A referral service for your clients’ stock and bond trading needs, by NBF Special Services.

Special Services: Because cooperation between professional investment practitioners results in greater client satisfaction.

Introducing our services…

Too often, clients are pulled in opposite directions by different financial advisors, causing uncertainty and confusion. Recognizing the complexities of today’s financial planning and investment environment, we have created a framework that allows investment professionals to work together on your behalf. No overlapping recommendations, no conflicting strategies and no inefficiencies.

This service will be of great benefit if you are served by a financial planner at another firm – and would like to have complete access to the universe of stocks and bonds, to bring more flexibility or strength to your investment portfolio.

Under the exclusive framework our Special Services offer, your financial representative, whose services may include mutual funds, insurance, estate and/or financial planning, remains your overall financial “quarterback.” He or she refers you to National Bank Financial’s Special Services for your specific stock or bond needs.

Together, our goal will be to create a properly diversified and executed investment program within your personal financial plan.

For more info, please check with your financial planner if he or she has a Referral Agreement with us, or contact us at 1 (800) 665-6669 or 1 (604) 643-2774.

A sample of services available through National Bank Financial’s Special Services Department
  • Managed stock and bond portfolio service customized to your specific needs
  • Equity options
  • Fee-based accounts, eliminating commissions
  • Fixed-income and equity portfolio construction
  • In-kind transfers
  • Institutional trading/retail trading
  • Jitney trading
  • Margin accounts
  • New equity issues
  • New bond issues
  • Online account viewing via the Internet
  • Research
  • Short selling
  • Stock and bond analysis
  • Tax-advantaged investments
  • Trust accounts

National Bank Financial Special Services Department Contact Information


National Bank Financial
Special Services Dept.
#3300 – 666 Burrard St.
Park Place
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2X8


1 (800) 665-6669 or (604) 643-2774


1 (888) 443-4428 or (604) 682-1026